We have opened a special PROMO offer for affiliates: 
60% commission

Become our affiliate in just 3 steps:


Step 1. 
Register an account at ClickBank and get your unique account nickname

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. Affiliates need to have an account with it. 
Please go to their website and sign up for a free account. 
It will not take much time - just indicate your name, address (where to send your checks). 
After registration you may start promoting and make sales. ClickBank will display your sales activity.



Step 2. 
Create your affiliating link (HopLink) using your account nickname

>> You may create it automatically using the ClickBank Marketplace. 
Search the Marketplace to find Forex Megaliner - just enter Megaliner in the search and it will be offered. 
Then click the Promote button to the right of the product to generate a HopLink that's unique to you. 
This HopLink will be automatically encrypted using HopLink Shield for added security.

>> The alternate way of creating a link if you know your ClickBank account nickname. 
Please feel free to create your HopLink in the following format:


To make it work, just replace ***** with your ClickBank nickname.

Step 3. 
Test it and start selling

To test your HopLink to make sure it's working correctly, you can either enter your HopLink directly into your browser's address bar and hit Enter, or click on your HopLink directly if you've already posted it somewhere online. Once you're on the vendor's website, click their Buy Now button so you're taken to the ClickBank order form. If you scroll to the bottom of the order form, you should see [affiliate=yournickname].

Once you've generated the HopLink, you can copy the HopLink address and paste it anywhere you want to promote the product. Simply use it for your website and send outs, facebook/twitter and so on.


Feel free to use:





If you need any assistance please feel free to ask me at any time by email:  

I would love to help you.  Best regards,                       






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